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Literacy + Identity

Refugees Learn to Write in Greek but Remain Illiterate in Their Mother Tongues

Shepherding, narrowly escaping the Taliban, navigating the migrant trail to Western Europe — none of these experiences will help refugees assimilate to their host nations.
Hiring managers need to change their strategy if they want to attract diverse top talent.

Hiring Diverse Teams: You’re Doing it Wrong

How to attract top talent, cultivate inclusive cultures, and improve the success of your organization.
color gradients
Solution Spotlight

Color Gradients Can Help You Read Better, Faster

We don’t want to let the cure for cancer slip through our fingers simply because the brain that could have thought it up wasn’t able to get into medical school. As a society, we need to enable the ingenuity of every person to flourish to its maximum capacity.
Gender + Education

Bolivia’s “Women of Gold” Heal From Violence Through Performance

In Bolivia, a grassroots theater troupe called “Las Kory Warmis” gives bold and compelling performances that explore stories of abuse and survival as experienced by women.
Literacy + Conflict

Educating Afghanistan’s Young People Is the Only True Solution to Terrorism

A U.S. government agency assessment of the U.S. efforts to help Afghanistan recover from the devastation of 16 years of war found that six out of every 10 dollars since 2002 had been spent on Afghan defense forces.
Company Culture

Every Day, You’re Going To Be Tested On These 5 Principles

Too often, organizations have high turnover, low trust, and conflict between workers and leadership.