Design For Impact

How to Know if You Have a For-Profit Solution

Here is a framework to determine whether your organization should be a non-profit or a for-profit company based on the ultimate goal of its solution to a social problem.

How to Interview Candidates for Your Sales Team

People tend to reveal themselves through the stories they tell, the language they use, and the role they play in the stories. Here are helpful questions to ensure a productive and successful sales interview.

Each Member of Your Sales Team Needs These 12 Traits

Twelve traits to look for in a sales hire in order to build a successful sales team that is focused, motivated, and supportive.

Three Things to Look for in a New Sales Hire

Three key areas of sales knowledge that should be addressed in an interview in order to ensure the new hire is capable of top sales performance.
Solution Spotlight

How to Teach the Language of Aspiration in India

Stones2Milestones is empowering young students in India to not only learn the English language, but learn to love reading and learning in order to become an effective force as global leaders.

Five Key Marketing Tactics in the Era of Millennials

Millennials are a driving force in business and companies are having a hard time connecting with them. Here are five suggestions to refine your marketing to effectively engage with millennials.