Can’t Seem to Stop Those Ads Following You Around? Why Not Become ‘Metaliterate’?

We can all be metaliterate learners – meditative and empowered, asking perceptive questions, thinking about what and how we learn, while sharing our content and insights as we make contributions to society.

How to Fire Someone (With Grace)

Firing is a necessary evil in the world of owning your own business. Letting team members go gracefully is an unfortunate but important skill to master as a founder and leader of a start-up company.
Solution Spotlight

A Simple, Effective Solution to a Global Communication Problem

Strong communication skills lay the foundation for future literacy skills and can prevent debilitating disadvantages such as inability to gain employment due to communication inefficiency.

Feeling Lonely as an Entrepreneur? Try These 4 Sources of Community

Four impactful communities entrepreneurs should consider in order to avoid the inevitable loneliness that accompanies the start-up world.

The Invisible Crisis That We Can No Longer Ignore

The curse of illiteracy is that it is largely invisible. But its impact is global and devastating. If you see inequality and poverty, you’re seeing the impact of illiteracy.

How Going From Entrepreneur to Investor Changed My Perspective

One entrepreneur's learnings from the not-so-dark side of venture capitalism and how the right mindset surrounding investments can support grassroots entrepreneurs.